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Digital Neighbourhood is an agency that provides various Digital Marketing Services.  We create websites, blogs and online stores for any type of industry.  In addition, we complement your strategy with the creation and population of Social Network Platforms.

Our sites are optimized to appear when people perform Google searches.  This detail can often be forgotten by some professionals because it “can’t be seen” but we don’t forget.  We don’t just want to build you a beautiful website, we want it to be visible and accessible to as many people as possible.  With your company and audience in mind, we want the work we implement and the time you invest to be seen by as many potential customers as possible.

We live in an era where consumers are seeking for your services almost entirely online, and it’s up to you to be ahead of the game in this huge digital world.  We believe that if you are not seen and cannot be found, how can you be remembered?  Therefore we complement your communication strategy with the creation and content within Social Media platforms.


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anaga figueroa

With 10 years of experience working in Digital Marketing, she started when she was made responsible in the Marketing and Communication office of the FEST International Film Festival where she worked with big names and solidified knowledge in the way of communication, not only at a strategic level but also in digital content creation.  Currently, in addition to providing services to a range of companies, she teaches the art of Digital Marketing.  This includes everything from a deep understanding of Social Media Networks (and how to use them) through to Web Site creation and Video Marketing.

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